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19 February 2011 @ 12:08 pm
Tattoo number 2 ideas  
I am thinking next month for my birthday I want to get my second tattoo. As Tim would say the “The itch is finally setting in.” I am not sure what I want.
I already have my Kois I got in August. I was thinking of have Josh draw up some waves and Japanese Cherry blossoms to go around on to go with it.
My second idea was this skeleton key, Time and Space Key from Sailor Moon. I really like it. It is kind of girly but cool!

My last idea is a Muse lyric, “Mon Coeur S'ouvre À Ta Voix”, which translates into “My Heart opens in your Voice”. And then maybe a heart of some sorts. This idea is the least thought out of the 3.
Or maybe some The Honorary Title or Jarrod Gorbel lyrics.
What do you guys think? You know I value your opinions.