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21 May 2011 @ 12:09 am
Cali Bound!!  
So as many of you might of read in my last quick update that I am going to California in July. Here is the back story.
Well I have a friend named Greg. He is orginally from Indiana but live in Carnberry Township near Pittsburgh. I don't get to see him much so we were communicating through AIM. We went from chatting all the time to me never seeing him online. But out of the blue in the begining of April I saw him online. I was like cool, but I am going to let him im me first just in case he doesn't know who I am. He imed me and we started chatting. He was telling me how he is in Indiana because his dad was in the hospital. It was later in the evening and he lost his wallet (Well it wasn't really lost. He took it out of his back pocket when he was on the plane. He put it in the pouch on the back of the seat infront of him. So his wallet took a flight to Flordia.)So he couldn't rent a car or check into the hotel. He wasd telling me how he was going to sleep a the airport. So I loaned him some money.
Well April wasn't a good month for him. He had to fly back and forth from Indiana. The last time when his little brother and mom flew in from AZ, they made him go back to Cranberry because he was stressing himself out. He was suppose to come up and get me to hangout for the weekend. Before he left found out his dad died. So he didn't get me.
He also was in and out of the hospital at that time too. So he was really stressed. We were and still are daily. To lighten the mood, I wound joke with him by saying "So when are we going on vacation." He would reply with "We'll talk about it later." I told him where I would want to go. Then out of blue last weekend he text me "So how does the first week of July look for vacation?" I told him I want to be here for the fireworks at Cassy on the 2nd. He told me he found this package that had airfare, hotel (Which is very swanky. The La Quinta Inn and Club in Palm Springs, CA. Look it up online.)and rental car for a week. Its a bit pricey. I said I would love too, but I can't swing that price. He responded, "Did I ask you to pay for it? No. I am asking do you want to go on vacation with me?" I said yes.
I am so excited for it to be July. I have been buying tank tops. I looked online the averages for July are high of 108* and a low of 76*. So nice warm weather. I guess what is planned for the trip is 4th of July at the beach with fireworks and July 5th Disneyland. I told him I really want to see the Hollywood sign and walk of fame. I can't wait for July 3rd. Only 43 days! :-)
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